The Most Efficient Ways to Send Money Abroad

PayPublishing OFWs and businesses need to send money abroad. With so many options available, what is the most efficient way to send money abroad? Check out some excellent ways to efficiently send money internationally.

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A Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are electronic transfers of cash through networks. The networks connect the banking system of the world. Tons of legitimate companies, like PayPublishing, offer tons of payment methods like wire transfers. These wire transfers are normally safe, quick, and reliable. Most places like transfer agencies and banks offer wire transfers. You can find wire transfers in most physical establishments, but many companies have wire transfer options online.

If you want to send somewhat big amounts of cash, wire transfers are a good choice. However, the transfer limit tends to depend on your chosen payment service. For example, some banks have a smaller limit of about $10,000 while others can reach up to $100,000. The fees will greatly depend on how fast you want the transfer to be, how much you will send, where you are sending it, and your chosen payment service.


MoneyGram offers same-day delivery for any chosen payment choice you pick and they are in over 200 countries with more than 350,000 locations. However, the transfers can take more than one day, depending on other factors. For instance, banking hours can affect your transfer processing time.

Keep in mind that the fees can be expensive. Transfers funded by bank accounts have low upfront fees. However, the fees can be more than 3% if you choose other payment methods, including the markup from MoneyGram.


You can use OFX to send money to more than 80 countries. A huge bonus of OFX is that you will not get a transfer fee, no matter how large the transfer is. Keep in mind that you will still face an exchange rate. Luckily, OFX’s exchange rates are affordable, with the markups being less than around 1%. In general, you will save money since you will not pay for a transfer fee.

However, OFX is better if you want to transfer a big amount of money internationally. There is no maximum transfer amount, but you have to send at least $1,000 per transaction. Therefore, you cannot use this payment service if you want to send less than that. Plus, there is no option to pick up cash in cash pickup locations abroad. You can only do the transfers between bank accounts.

Western Union

Perhaps the most popular method to send cash internationally is Western Union. Western Union is in over 200 countries and has over half a million branches. The fees are usually lower than $5 if your transfer is $1,000 or less. However, your overall cost will vary based on the destination. For example, the transfer fees can range from 1-6%. However, it is very easy if the recipient would like to physically pick up cash at a location if they do not have a bank account.

It is crucial to learn about the many ways you can send money abroad. You can use the information above to find the safest and most efficient way to send money internationally.